Sunday, 23 December 2012

Homemade Christmas Treats List

I love everything about Christmas. Its my favourite holiday of all time. 

Heres some ideas of Christmas treats you can make and bake!

1. Christmas cookie shapes

2. Skined Pear covered in Mulled wine
3. Christmas shapes Lollypops (Chocolate or Biscuit or Cake pops)
4. Minced Pies
5. Spiced Apple & Cinnamon Drinks
6. Gingerbread House

7. Christmas Biscuits
8. Gingerbread Men
9. Christmas Cookie Tree
10. Christmas Pudding

In Love With Lush Products!

I love Lush products , they are so amazing and they are fresh handmade products. 

I love the Lip scrubs , they make your lips so soft and smooth. The flavours are yummy and when you rub them on your lips you can lick the rest off and tastes so yummy.

I have got Bubblegum, Popcorn, and Pow wow flavoured lip scrubs.
I got two of the Bubblegum lip scrubs as its the best out of all of them.
The Popcorn one tastes of salt as it has sea salt in that one.
Pow wow is a popping candy lip scrub.

Helping Hands hand lotion is good for your hands as makes them real soft. Its good for the winter as your hands may get rough and sometimes a bit sore and dry from the cold. Helping hands is good to make your hands soft again. I've always liked to use hand creams and lotions but this is the best one I have used so far.

The Jilted Elf Shower & Bath Jelly is amazing. Its lovely for christmas, as its glittery green colour and smells so good. I'm sure I read somewhere that it had vodka in it. It comes as jelly in a pot and then when you use it, it turns to foam. You can also use it in your hair but I'm not going to use it for that as I prefer shampoo. I know you can get the shampoo bars from Lush and I think their really useful for traveling so thats a very good idea. I know I will be ordering some of those soon.

Shine so bright (Hair balm for split ends) is a small tin. I just use it in the tin and rub it gently onto the ends of my hair. It does make your hair slightly sticky at the bottom but once brushed out it stops being sticky. I've only used this for a while so I haven't noticed any difference as yet.

The Whip stick lip balm is gorgeous. Chocolate orange flavoured. I do love lip balm , it isn't my best lip balm but I love the smell of it , better than other lip balms. Worth buying for the smell.

I've ordered more Lush products so I will write the reviews on here for you so you know my opinion on them. Lush products are amazing and your be crazy not to try them.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Secret to Longer Lashes

Heres few tips on how to get longer lashes...

You can use Olive oil, Castor oil or Vaseline on your lashes before you go to bed just use a mascara wand to put them onto your lashes.

You can buy Lash Serum (Loreal paris does a lash serum)


You will need:
1. Small Jar/Pot
2. Vitamin E oil
3. Aloe Vera
4. Castor oil

Add a teaspoon of Castor oil
Add a teaspoon of Aloe vera
Add a teaspoon & a half of Vitamin E oil
Stir it up
Get a Mascara wand
Dip that in
Use on your Lashes


Ways to make your Eye Lashes appear longer

- Add Powder to your lashes before mascara
- Add a different colour to the tips of your lashes (example black mascara and on tips dark brown)
- Use Eye lash curler (Heated or Non Heated)
- Use clear mascara before you put on your colour mascara
- Brush your Eye lashes out

Or Just Use Flase Lashes!

Make up Brand Names I Love...

  • Benefit
  • MeMeMe
  • Mac
  • Urban Decay
  • NYX
  • Gosh
  • Sally Hasnan
  • Revlon
  • Rimmel
  • Maybelline
  • Elf
  • Loreal
  • Barry M

This Month I have been loving this products....

Loreal Glam Bronze - 201 Harmoine blonde - comes with mirror and small brush

Rimmel Stay matte pressed powder - 005 Silky beige (Think I should of got a different colour though, bit lighter I think)

Elf Mineral booster - Sheer

Mememe Seventh heaven - Enriched moisturising face base (Smells so yummy like lemon, oranges, lime and mandarin)
NYX Jumbo eye pencil - 604 Milk
Benefit Lip plump primer (I love this , it keeps your lipstick on all day)

Maybelline Instant age rewind under eye concealer - Light (Now I know it says age rewind but seriously this is the best concealer ever, it stays on all day and makes your skin look bright. This is the best concealer I have ever used and so happy with it)
Sally Hasnan Chapped lip repair (I'm in love with this)
Urban Decay Naked palette (Best eye shadows ever and so worth buying)
Gosh Primer (So silky)
Bed head Big fat fun eye liner (Best eyeliner I have ever used)

Sally Hasnan Comfort shine lip glaze - Fresh Strawberry (Smells so yummy)

Benefit Cha cha tint - Lip and cheek stain

Lush - Solid perfume

Benefit Dandelion face powder

Urban Decay cream eye shadow
Revlon Sugar topping (Good when you put lipgloss on and want a bit of shimmer on top)
NYX lipsticks and lipglosses
Eco Brushes (These are like the softest brushes ever)

Rimmel Vinyl jelly gloss lip liners (Best lip liners ever as they are gel ones)

Left: 009 Hot spark
Right: 003 Starlet
Mac Brushes


My Favourite Lipsticks at the Moment / Swatched

This month I have been loving these Lipsticks. As you can tell they are all sort of the same.

Left: Rimmel Moisture renew 880 Rose passion
Middle: NYX Diamond sparkle 03 Sparkling salmon
Right: Collection 2000 Volume boost 10 Nude

Left: Loreal Color riche 404 Prismatic pink
Middle Left: Collection 2000 Volume boost 3 Angel
Middle: Barry M 155
Middle Right: Gosh Velvet touch 134 Darling
Right: Maybelline Color sensational 842 Rosewood pearl

Left: Rimmel Color show off 110 Pink gossip
Middle Left: Rimmel Lasting finish 002 Candy
Middle Right: Collection 2000 Volume boost 8 Icing
Right: NYX lip smacking fun colors 595 Strawberry milk
These are all my favourite lipsticks at the moment. The Lipsticks look brighter in reality, as the picture isn't that great. But least you get the idea. 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette

My Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette arrived yesterday. Best Eyeshadows ever. It has 12 eyeshadows, beautiful colours - a lot of lovely brown colours which I use a lot of.

 It came with a brush and also came with small bottle of Urban Decay Potion Primer which I already have the full sized so I know how good that is.

 I am very happy with my Item.

 I paid £36 for it from Debenhams. I was going to buy it from ebay for cheaper but I looked on youtube at reviews and there were a lot of people saying there is a fake Urban Decay Naked Palette so I didn't get it from ebay and make the mistake of it being fake. At least buying it from Debenhams I know its real.

There is a second Urban Decay Naked Palette but reviews on youtube said the first one was better so I went with the first one and maybe in future I will get the second one.

 The colours are so amazing. So if interested heres the picture and have a look for yourself.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Oh LoVe .. Mirror Jewellery Stand

Hi there, I wanted to share one of my christmas presents with you as its AMAZING and you might want one too! I know every girl might :)

My Boyfriend brought me this and he went out to the shops and it got delivered when he wasn't here so I already knew what it was by the size of the box, plus it said the name of it on the side. So I'm happy but his upset that I found out.

Mirror Jewellery Stand

Any Questions please email me

Saturday, 17 November 2012

My Best Make Up Products 2012

I love these products. These are the products I wear on day to day at the moment.

1. Foundation Primer -
Gosh - Foundation primer classic velvet touch
(Feels like silk when you put it onto your skin. I have noticed when I first used this to put it on then let it dry for a bit then put your foundation on as it can become bitty. So just be careful with that)

2. Foundation -
Loreal Paris - True match foundation - Ivory or Rose Ivory
(I have used this for years now and it has never let me down)

3. Face Powder -
Elf - Mineral booster - Sheer
(Love this, gives a lovely glowing look)

4. Another Face Powder I like -
Nivea - Pure & Natural powder - Nude 2

5. Eye Primer -
Urban Decay - Eyeshadow primer potion

6. Eyeshadow -
Urban Decay - Cream shadow - Rehab
(love how the way it goes onto your eyes)

7. Mascara -
Rimmel london - Lash accelerator - 001 Black
(Gives you long lashes without having to curl them)

8. Another Mascara I like -
Loreal Paris - False lash telescopic - Waterproof - Black
(Have loved this one for years)

9. Eyeliner -
Tigi Bed Head - Big fat fun! - Black
(OMG I love this eyeliner, the best eyeliner I have ever ever used! It doesn't ever smudge or make you have panda eyes at the end of the day, looks amazing)

10. Eyeliner on top of that -
Barry M - Eyeliner pen - Blue
(I use this after when I put my black eyeliner on, on the bottom eye line I put a small amount of blue eyeliner on to make my eyes stand out, works really well together)

11. Blush -
Loreal Paris - Project runway limited edition blush - 725 Sultry raveris blush

12. Another blush I like -
Benefit - Cha Cha Tint - Lip & cheek stain - Pink

13. Concealer -
Rimmel London - Stay Matte Dual Action Concealer
(Its a nice concealer but if you put too much on it can look cakey)

14. Wider Eyes Eyeliner -
NYX - Jumbo eye pencil - 604 Milk
(To widen those eyes and make them look big)

15. Lip Repair -
Sally Hansen - Chapped Lip Repair

16. Lip Primer -
Benefit - Lip plump primer
(The best primer)

17. Lip Liner -
Rimmel London - Vinyl Jelly gloss lip liner - 003 Starlet
(Love this, I like how its jelly lip liner as glides on nicely)

18. Lip Moisturizer -
Sally Hansen - Daily lip moisturizer

19. LipStick -
Barry M - Lip paint lipstick - Pink
(New favourite)

20. Another LipStick I like -
Maybelline - Lipstick color sensational - 108 Pink pearl
(Always been a favourite)

21. Lip Sealer -
Lipcote - Lipstick sealer
(Love this! Long lasting and for me my lipstick lasts all day)

22. Lip Gloss -
Sally Hansen - Comfort Shine Lip glaze - Fresh strawberry
(Love this! Smells so yummy as well)

Hair Products I love!!!

1. Bed Head Tangle Teaser - The flower Pot
(Just the best tangle teaser ever!!)

2. Braun satin hair 7 brush
(Favourite brush ever, love how you turn it on and makes your hair all shiney and sticks it all down so its nice and neat)

3. Ghd Hair Straighter - Purple
(Best hair straighters in the world)

So thats all my favourites at the moment, any more I will post up.


Thank you for reading :)