Saturday, 24 November 2012

Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette

My Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette arrived yesterday. Best Eyeshadows ever. It has 12 eyeshadows, beautiful colours - a lot of lovely brown colours which I use a lot of.

 It came with a brush and also came with small bottle of Urban Decay Potion Primer which I already have the full sized so I know how good that is.

 I am very happy with my Item.

 I paid £36 for it from Debenhams. I was going to buy it from ebay for cheaper but I looked on youtube at reviews and there were a lot of people saying there is a fake Urban Decay Naked Palette so I didn't get it from ebay and make the mistake of it being fake. At least buying it from Debenhams I know its real.

There is a second Urban Decay Naked Palette but reviews on youtube said the first one was better so I went with the first one and maybe in future I will get the second one.

 The colours are so amazing. So if interested heres the picture and have a look for yourself.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Oh LoVe .. Mirror Jewellery Stand

Hi there, I wanted to share one of my christmas presents with you as its AMAZING and you might want one too! I know every girl might :)

My Boyfriend brought me this and he went out to the shops and it got delivered when he wasn't here so I already knew what it was by the size of the box, plus it said the name of it on the side. So I'm happy but his upset that I found out.

Mirror Jewellery Stand

Any Questions please email me

Saturday, 17 November 2012

My Best Make Up Products 2012

I love these products. These are the products I wear on day to day at the moment.

1. Foundation Primer -
Gosh - Foundation primer classic velvet touch
(Feels like silk when you put it onto your skin. I have noticed when I first used this to put it on then let it dry for a bit then put your foundation on as it can become bitty. So just be careful with that)

2. Foundation -
Loreal Paris - True match foundation - Ivory or Rose Ivory
(I have used this for years now and it has never let me down)

3. Face Powder -
Elf - Mineral booster - Sheer
(Love this, gives a lovely glowing look)

4. Another Face Powder I like -
Nivea - Pure & Natural powder - Nude 2

5. Eye Primer -
Urban Decay - Eyeshadow primer potion

6. Eyeshadow -
Urban Decay - Cream shadow - Rehab
(love how the way it goes onto your eyes)

7. Mascara -
Rimmel london - Lash accelerator - 001 Black
(Gives you long lashes without having to curl them)

8. Another Mascara I like -
Loreal Paris - False lash telescopic - Waterproof - Black
(Have loved this one for years)

9. Eyeliner -
Tigi Bed Head - Big fat fun! - Black
(OMG I love this eyeliner, the best eyeliner I have ever ever used! It doesn't ever smudge or make you have panda eyes at the end of the day, looks amazing)

10. Eyeliner on top of that -
Barry M - Eyeliner pen - Blue
(I use this after when I put my black eyeliner on, on the bottom eye line I put a small amount of blue eyeliner on to make my eyes stand out, works really well together)

11. Blush -
Loreal Paris - Project runway limited edition blush - 725 Sultry raveris blush

12. Another blush I like -
Benefit - Cha Cha Tint - Lip & cheek stain - Pink

13. Concealer -
Rimmel London - Stay Matte Dual Action Concealer
(Its a nice concealer but if you put too much on it can look cakey)

14. Wider Eyes Eyeliner -
NYX - Jumbo eye pencil - 604 Milk
(To widen those eyes and make them look big)

15. Lip Repair -
Sally Hansen - Chapped Lip Repair

16. Lip Primer -
Benefit - Lip plump primer
(The best primer)

17. Lip Liner -
Rimmel London - Vinyl Jelly gloss lip liner - 003 Starlet
(Love this, I like how its jelly lip liner as glides on nicely)

18. Lip Moisturizer -
Sally Hansen - Daily lip moisturizer

19. LipStick -
Barry M - Lip paint lipstick - Pink
(New favourite)

20. Another LipStick I like -
Maybelline - Lipstick color sensational - 108 Pink pearl
(Always been a favourite)

21. Lip Sealer -
Lipcote - Lipstick sealer
(Love this! Long lasting and for me my lipstick lasts all day)

22. Lip Gloss -
Sally Hansen - Comfort Shine Lip glaze - Fresh strawberry
(Love this! Smells so yummy as well)

Hair Products I love!!!

1. Bed Head Tangle Teaser - The flower Pot
(Just the best tangle teaser ever!!)

2. Braun satin hair 7 brush
(Favourite brush ever, love how you turn it on and makes your hair all shiney and sticks it all down so its nice and neat)

3. Ghd Hair Straighter - Purple
(Best hair straighters in the world)

So thats all my favourites at the moment, any more I will post up.


Thank you for reading :)


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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

5 Minute Tips To Keep You Looking Beautiful

1. Lay out your Items:
Morning can seem like such a rush. No matter how early you get out of bed, it just seems like you never have time to do everything you need. So to save you time in the morning, lay out your Items for the next day. Make up and Hair products all ready, an Outfit and even your bag and shoes.

2. Face Mask:
When you are in the shower and you have a hair mask in your hair, you can shave your legs and also wear a face mask ( careful not to get water on your face though).

3. Dry Shampoo:
If you didn't have time to wash your hair or even if your hair just looked greasey or flat, dry shampoo is the best thing. Makes you look fresh as well.

4. Make up Board:
I saw this idea from Pinspire. Put glue on the make up items and put a magnet onto them and put them up on a magnet white board. You will be able to find your make up you need.

5. Remove Make up:
You should NEVER go to bed with your make up on. It only takes 5 minutes to remove your make up. You won't regret it.

6. To look awake:
Line your inner rims with white eyeliner. It makes your eyes pop and look awake. Avoid wearing mascara on your lower lash line and stay away from dark eye shadows.

7. Exfoliate your skin:
To get rid of dull, dry skin, scrub your face and lips and then add lotion on afterwards to keep moisture in your skin. Always take the time to exfoliate your skin.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Year is coming to an End

Now Christmas is nearly here (Where did the time go?) ... I have been thinking about the start of the year and my new year revolutions and wondering if I have done any of them. So going back to my list in my Diary and here is the list ...

1. Exercise ( After having my Son I still have my belly baby fat as they call it so wanted to go back down to my 8 stone )

2. Eat Healthy

3. Read a Book (I never read)

4. Start a New Hobby

5. Save up Money

6. Have a date night with my partner once a month

7. Be more organized

8. Do Yoga

9. Treat my partner once a month

10. Moan less

11. Celebrate all Holidays this year

12. Finish a Book I've wrote

13. Learn to Draw

Right thats the list and lets see if I have done any of these :)

1. I have been doing sit ups here and there but thats about it. I'm not an exercise person, I hate it to be honest. I have been wearing body wraps though and I do feel better because of these.

2. I have been eating healthy, not through the year but most days I do.

3. I never read but after hearing about 'Fifty shades of grey', I had to go buy the whole set. I have read the first book ( well I'm on the last chapter of the first book ).

4. I have started a new hobby, which is Jewellery making. I love making Bracelets and also have a shop online . Also I have made Fabric Owls which I am proud of.

5. I have never been good at saving up money so I haven't done this one at all. I have been spending like mad this year and been in debt because of it.

6. There has been no date nights what so ever.

7. I have been trying to be more organized, I'm really organized at work.

8. Haven't done any Yoga but I do want to start doing Zumba.

9. Haven't treated my partner - Sorry.

10. I do try not to moan about things as I don't want to come across as someone who moans all the time but if I have had a bad day at work I do tend to take it out on people.

11. Some Holidays we have celebrated, Halloween we didn't do anything for that - not that we should be celebrating that.

12. Haven't even touched a book I've wrote. Hopefully next year I will start.

13. Haven't learnt to draw at all and to be honest I don't really want to learn anymore. Not something I want to do.

Right I don't think I've done badly, hopefully the ones I have for next year I will do them :)

Born Free....


Marina And The Diamonds

Marina and the Diamonds, her music is such an inspiration to me. I love her songs and the lyrics are just amazing. I love meaningful lyrics that tell a story.
Songs I Love :
1. Starring Role
2. How to be a Heartbraker
3. Primadonna
4. Lies
5. The state of Dreaming
6. Power & Control
7. Living Dead
8. Teen Idle
9. Fear and Loathing
10. Radioactive
11. The Outsider
12. Oh No!
13. Vallery of the Dolls
14. Rootless
15. Numb

Friday, 2 November 2012

Tips to keep from Arguing with your Partner

1. Listen
- I have to say when I agrue with my partner, I talk about what I have to say and then when he wants to say something, I tend to not want to listen. One of the things I don't do is listen and it gets me into a lot of trouble. So just listen toyour partner and hear them out.

2. Don't Insult
- I have learnt not to say horrible names to my partner as I don't mean what I say. I tend to let my mouth run with mean words and wish I never said them at all. Your mean words wil hurt their feelings. You wouldn't like it.

3. Look at what the agruement
- Take a look at what your agruing about. If its something silly and little then stop and think about what you are saying. Don't have a big agrument over nothing.

4. You're not right all the time
- You're not going to be right all the time. If your wrong about something, admit it.

5. Choose your Battles
- Timing is everything. If you are in a bad mood already don't get yourself worked up over something small, and stop an agrument over nothing. Sometimes being in a bad mood can make us agrue with our partner for no reason, and we will find anything to agrue about. Also what sort of mood is your partner in to agrue. Why try not agruing and talk instead.

6. Give some space
- If you find yourself needing to agrue all the time, its time you needed space away from each other. Even if its just an hour or two. Trust me I feel better when I have a little time away from my partner so we don't have agruments.

7. Be Thankful
- Be thankful that you have each other and that you love each other :)